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Our Cabin Fireplace Screens are sure to please! Built strong and stylish to boot! Cabin fireplace screens add style and safety to your home.
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Nothing's more relaxing than the sound of a crackling fire. A fire brings more than just warmth to a room, it brings character. And an important addition to any open faced fireplace would be our fireplace screens. They add safety and style, while adding peace of mind at the same time. Our fireplace screens are sure to please! These are built strong and are stylish to boot! They are the perfect accent to your country home.
Just by adding a fireplace screen to your home, you are bringing out the most of your space. It's like adding a cherry on top, but for your fireplace. Fireplace screens are not only beautiful but smart too! A good screen is designed to help protect your home - without talking away from the beauty of the fireplace. These barriers are absolutely necessary for keeping sparks, embers, and rolling logs from coming out of your fireplace and starting a fire.

It is a good idea to measure your fireplace and make sure the one you get is a good fit. They should cover the entire opening to your fireplace. There are different types of fireplace screens too. Some are more ornate than others. We have many kinds of fireplace screens, some with a more "western flare".

On a side note, never burn charcoal in a fireplace, as it releases poisonous carbon monoxide into your home.